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    AND Publishing
    (2009 - ongoing) with Rosalie Schweiker and multiple collaborators

    AND is a collaborative publishing activity, based in London. Initiated in 2009, it seeks to develop infrastructures of publishing starting from three questions: Why publish, how and for whom? Observing that the existing institutional infrastructures keep replicating the exclusionary mechanisms and hierarchies dominating the university, AND started, without mandate [1], at Byam Shaw School of Art in London as an indy-university press, publishing works of students, staff and alumni in an equitable and non-hierarchical manner.[2] Next to exploring the immediacy and social possibilities of print on demand and new modes of distribution, AND also explores the social agency of cultural piracy. AND is also invested in feminist radical pedagogy, builds informal support structures by sharing a studio, providing resources and advice, as well as access to skills, means of production and distribution. AND re-distributes budgets, commissions work, and (re-)publishes material which is difficult to find. The members of AND are part of a divers network of critical, feminist, de-colonial publishing activities and campaigns.[3]

    Website ''

    The long list of equal "ands" on the website indicates, that we are less concerned with developing a focused brand or a unified face. Rather it is about building a network of mutual alliances by working with people as well as institutions. The range of publications we produce, help to produce or distribute can be seen here.

    Published text 'One publishes to find comrades'

    in Publishing Manifestos, Michalis Pichler(ed.), Cambridge MA: The MIT Press, 2018. The text was originally published in The Visual Event, an education in appearances, Oliver Klimpel (ed.), Leipzig, Spector Books, 2014

    The text investigates feminist practices of publishing as a way to initiate a social process or build a social space wherein meaning is generated via the co-created publications. The text discusses publishing practices, where printed publications, posters or zines are not necessarily an end product trying to convince someone of something, but rather a method of 'working towards establishing conditions for the co-production of meaning'.[4]

    Published interview: 'UND STATT ODER – die Anatomie von UND' (AND not OR, the Anatomy of AND)

    in Publish! Publizieren als künstlerische Praxis, Kunstforum International, issue 256, September 2018.
    Annette Gilbert in conversation with Rosalie Schweiker and Eva Weinmayr (AND Publishing, London) about AND's collective feminist practice. The interview, itself being published in an anthology about contemporary artists' publishing, is an interesting case of intellectual streamlining and simplification of a messy and multilayered practice. The crucial point is here to draw the fine line between promotion or advertising and the "telling about".

    Published presentation: 'Radical publishing practices ask for radical librarianship'

    at Artists as Publishers as Artists, KHM University of Media Arts Cologne, 6 July 2018.
    This presentation at the panel "Publishing to Mobilize Knowledge" takes an experimental approach to conference presentation. Using a twitter thread to publish the script in real time in order to share my bibliography, such as references, links to images, websites and texts for the audience to revisit – the presentation explores the infrastructures and politics of radical, collaborative, intersectional feminist publishing and its dissemination. With the participation of Clara Balaguer, Eva Weinmayr, Francesca Valentini, Gijs de Heij, Heike Ander, Lanfranco Aceti, Tamara Lorenz, (Tim), Tom Lingnau, and Yvette Mutumba. Organised by Agustina Andreoletti, Lilian Haberer, Karin Lingnau, Konstantin Butz. Supported by Birgit Trogemann. See programme Read the presentation

    • AND Publishing webpage screenshot
    • 'One publishes to find comrades'in “The Visual Event, an education in appearances”, ed. by Oliver Klimpel, Leipzig: Spector Books, 2014
    • 'Und statt Oder – Die Anatomie von UND' in "Publish! Publizieren als künstlerische Praxis", Kunstforum International 256 (2018) Annette Gilbert in conversation with Rosalie Schweiker and Eva Weinmayr, AND Publishing, London
    • 'Radical publishing practices ask for radical librarianship', presentation script and shared bibliography on Twitter for (im)print: Artists as Publishers as Artists, KHM Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, 6 July 2018
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