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This wiki is a method to develop, map, share and communicate the writing of my PhD thesis in artistic practice at Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg. The wiki records and maps a looped, iterative and knowledge-creating process of structuring, writing, thinking, discovering, discarding and restructuring. Hence it is meant to be a testament to all the messy uncontrollable and creatively spiralling decision making processes, which differentiate "a practice" from a finished output.

Finding practical ways to share and communicate my research, has been an ongoing, and at times difficult, negotiation process between at least four forces seemingly pulling in different directions: academia, institutional policies, feminist and activist practice, the arts and education. Using a wiki is an attempt to find a way out of this dilemma. It allows me to bring to live the standoff between those forces and thus make transparent everything that is usually developed and discussed behind closed doors, when PhD theses are created: the learning process, the struggle while articulating, the shaping of arguments, the various agreements and disagreements within my head and in the dialogue with others.

This wiki constitutes also a practical strategy to depart from the solitary Word document that is saved over and over again on my hard disk and frequently sent to my PhD supervisors from where it returns as an annotated version only to be saved again on my disk. Instead of having multiple versions of half-finished fragments populating my computer hard disk, the wiki structure, with its varied page frameworks, allows me to neatly organise topics, ideas and fragments and most importantly make these moments of "taking shape" comprehensible, traceable and transparent.

My doctoral research is practice-led and is (and has been) supervised by Jyoti Mistry and Mick Wilson, Dave Beech and Andrea Phillips at Faculty of Artistic research Valand Academy, Gothenburg University. In a few months time, once this draft will have evolved and reached critical substance, I will invite peers to enter into dialogue, to comment, to work the draft over, to debate and improve it.

Please be aware that what you are reading is at this stage a draft in progress. It is worth mentioning that citing from a wiki in flux can be problematic. When you nevertheless cite from it, please do reference this fact or just get in touch: eva.weinmayr(at)akademinvaland.gu.se. Thank you.

the book/the publication not as container but the book/the publication as a site or occassion of relations, negoatoatons and contestations