Appendix 02 - The name Eva Weinmayr log

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I have put together this log of "" emails sent to me over the last few months notifying me that I have been cited or referred to in papers uploaded to the same platform. The range of disciplines and fields of knowledge my work is supposedly relevant to seem rather puzzling. I signed up for a free (unpaid) account on this research paper sharing platform and they want to trick me to subscribe to a paid Premium account, in order to learn about the contexts and scholars who cite my work.

I will not get a Premium account. Basically, minutes after I look for a paper on this platform, I will receive such an email... somehow, in some way, quite intelligibly connected to the person I looked up. It's interesting how they draw on people's vanity in order to make money. By the way, there are stunning, engaged and independent nonprofit research sharing platforms out there, humanities commons for example...

Appendix 5*The name "Eva Weinmayr" log