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This wiki is Eva Weinmayr's thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Artistic Practice at HDK-Valand, Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts, University of Gothenburg. This practice-based doctoral research is (and has been) supervised by Jyoti Mistry and Mick Wilson (2018-2020), and by Dave Beech and Andrea Phillips (2015-2018) at the Faculty of Artistic research Valand Academy, Gothenburg University.

This wiki is a tool to develop, map, share, and communicate the writing of my Ph.D. thesis. It is a platform for producing and disseminating the research. The wiki records and maps a looped, iterative, and knowledge-creating process of structuring, writing, thinking, discovering, discarding, and restructuring. Hence it is meant to be a testament to all the messy uncontrollable and creatively spiraling decision making processes that differentiate a "practice" from a "finished output".

Finding practical ways to share and communicate my research, has been ongoing, and at times difficult negotiation process between at least five forces seemingly pulling in different directions: academia, institutional policies, feminist and activist practice, the arts, and education.

The wiki is a practical strategy to bring to life the standoff between those forces and thus make transparent the processes that are usually developed and discussed behind closed doors when a Ph.D. theses develops: the learning process, the struggle while articulating, the shaping of arguments, the various agreements and disagreements within my head and in the dialogues with others. The customized code of this open-source Mediawiki, developed by Manetta Berends and Cristina Cochior (Varia, Rotterdam), ⟶  Varia Rotterdam includes a comment column for my collaborators in the collective projects to add their voices and perspectives. Here the wiki turns a Ph.D. submission itself into a site of ruptures, dialogue, and potential disagreements.

email: eva.weinmayr@akademinvaland.gu.se