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Kelly, Susan. "The Transversal and the Invisible: How do You Really Make a Work of Art that Is not a Work of Art?". <i>Transversal</i>, 1 (2005). http://eipcp.net/transversal/0303/kelly/en. <br />
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———. "'But that was my idea!' Problems of Authorship and Validation in Contemporary Practices of Creative Dissent". <i>Parallax</i> 19.2 (2013): 53–69. https://doi.org/10.1080/13534645.2013.778496. [http://wiki.evaweinmayr.com/images/a/ad/Kelly_Susan_Parallax_version_But_that_was_my_idea_Problems_of_Authorship_and_Validation_in_Contemporary_Practices_of_Creative_Dissent.pdf PDF].<br />
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Kember, Sarah, and Eva Weinmayr. <i>Rethinking where the thinking happens</i>. London: AND Publishing, 2015. http://andpublishing.org/sarah-kember-rethinking-where-the-thinking-happens/. <br />

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This page compiles the resources that I have used (i) in my collaborative practice projects, (ii) consulted for the range of the already circulating published works, and (iii) for the writing of the kappa. It goes beyond the strict "cited sources" list since it includes materials that have indirectly informed my practice or thinking. These mapped works circulate in different contexts: academic, activist, community, art – in short, outside and inside academia. Where possible I linked to their sources for reading or download, or uploaded the documents directly to this wiki database. As such, this section extends, to a degree, the concept of bibliography and operates partly as an archive.


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