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Wiki-time notes meeting with Christina and Manetta, 15 Nov 2019


remove feature "create account"


Having a margin for links taken out of the flow text - to allow for less disruptive reading.

possibilities for co-authors to add thoughts and comments

without entering directly into the coding of the pages, but make visible that it is a different authorial voice, perspective, language... anecdotes)

  • for example: hoover over an image (describing an event) and a text field/speech bubble opens
  • for example: in the margins (enough space?)

index page

image/text relationship in the chapters

to be discussed. sometimes captions, sometimes text on the side


  • make a "bookshelf" of all the texts and works published, events organised on one page? What would this add?
  • or should the references be a bookshelf/ a resource to download?

Questions I forgot to ask

  • History/revisions: if other people are making, for example, 5 changes in the text. Can I "undo" change 3, but leave the subsequent changes or will the text revert to the state of change 3 and changes 4 and 5 are lost?

notes from meeting Mick 9 October 2018

writing: experiments I have carried out...

...Then you start to very summarily -  you don't get into massive analysis of feminist pedagogy. You just go: 10 people, one year, two days, you map it. And then you identify the parts of the organisational practice within it, that links that idea of altering publishing paradigms in the service of a politic. You do a summary description. Later you do a more detailed description, because maybe you not gonna give all the experiments the same level of disclosure. Out of ten experiments, maybe three of them are gonna get really filled out. You decide that after you have done the 10 short descriptions. You get a sense what is the most productive.