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For "Books From the Ships" in Basel, we were trying to find ways to make the collection accessible without us being present. Accessible is probably the wrong word. We were trying to find ways to make the collection interesting without us being there. How could we give people a way in?

I recorded my side of the video with Alison Powell. I met Alison through Invisible Spaces of Parenthood and her research is super interesting. Some of her recent work includes being part of Virt-EU tools and methods to develop ethically informed technology.

The idea was that Eva and I chose our 10 favorite books from the catalogue. Alison met me at The Showroom in London and I talked to her about them as I packed them. Then Eva received the books in Oslo and recorded her unpacking. I think the videos touched on many of the things that made the PP great but also hard to display. The most interesting things around the project were the conversations we had around the books. But the conversations that worked were at an individual level, with people that brought their expertise. Eva and I would then carry the accumulated conversations and reflect them back in the next interactions. Some of those conversations were with people that we knew or invited experts, a lot of them would be with people that we met through the project. I don’t think we ever found a way to have those conversations at a workshop level though. And that became a problem for art institutions that saw us as part of a public program that needed to justify itself through numbers.

Annotated by AF